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Benefits Rise For Indie Publishers

Independent Publishers Guild members have an seen overall rise in pay packages and benefits, according to the IPG’s most recent salary survey if its members.

The survey, conducted in February and March with 72 IPG companies contributing data, showed that two out of every five IPG member directors were paid in the 60,000-Pound plus range, compared to a third at the time of the IPG’s last salary survey in 2009. The most common pay bracket for managers was 35,000 Pound to 40,000 Pound, up from 25,000 Pound to 30,000 Pound in 2009.

Editors, executives and coordinators’ most common pay range was 20,000 Pound to 25,000 pound- unchanged from the previous survey, though there are more staff earning in upper brackets now. For assistants, the joint most common brackets were 15,000 pound to 20,000 pound and 20,000 pound to 25,000 pound, with similar evidence of a reasonable increase since 2009.

Bridget Shine, IPG executive director said: “this doesn’t mean everything is rosy, because we know how difficult the market is for our members. But the salary rise does show that indie publishers are able to offer their staff very attractive careers with competitive pay packages.”

Perks and benefits also increased. Just over two-thirds of IPG members operated bonus schemes- up from 50% in 2009. Average holiday entitlements rose to 24.9 days, from 23.5 days in 2009, and just over 75% offer flexible working hours, up from two-thirds in four years ago.

“Retention of staff obviously is a key issue for IPG members, and these packages show the creative ways indie publishers are using to incentivize staff to stay,” Shine said. “In fact, we see quite a number of new members starting up businesses who are corporate refugees. It has never been a better time to work for an independent publisher.”

Shine also said the IPG would have “by far” its biggest presence ever at this year’s LBF, with more than 80 exhibitors on its 87 square metre collective stand. It has organized 255 “speed-dating” meeting for its members with buyers such as Amazon, Audible, Waterstones, Kobo, and Gardners.


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