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Did you know…

Today is Alessandro Volta’s 270th birthday.

Alessandro Volta is the inventor of one of the most important inventions to date. Google celebrates the battery inventor’s birthday today.

If you click on Google’s doodle, it shows battery charging and Google lighting up at the same time.

He was born in Como, Italy, and grew to become a professor of physics at the Royal School. His interest in electricity paved the way to the invention of electrophorus, a device used to generate static electricity.

He also was the first person to isolate methane which further led to the discovery that methane mixed with air could be exploded with an electric spark.

In honor of Volta’s contribution to electrical science, the unit of electrical potential came to be known as the Volt also known as Voltage.

Alessandro Volta was also a master in many languages. He was proficient in Latin, French, German, and English helped him while travelling across Europe.


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