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English World 1- Home–School Connect

Macmillan Education offers you the English World Home-School Connect section in Georgian. This is created especially for Georgian parents to help their children develop and improve their English language skills.

We advise you to read the parent brochure first. Then you can choose one resource from many others. Resources include various games, activities, extra tasks, Merit card activities, songs and word list which will encourage your child to reflect on what they have learnt.

If you want to help your child, it’s not necessary to know English quite well. All the additional resources are translated in Georgian.

Taking an active approach to whole-class learning, English World is a bestselling course that takes students from primary to secondary. Familiar topics, lively dialogue and striking visuals set the scene for learning about the real world.

English World 1 

for teachers

  1. Teacher methodology modules to enhance your teaching skills

  2. DVD-ROM with conversation videos promotes whole-class learning

  3. Variety of downloadable material in the Teacher’s Resource Centre provides support for lessons

for students

  1. Learn English in a natural context from native-speaker everyday conversations

  2. Dictionary and Grammar Practice Book for every level for optional further practice

  3. Cross-curricular and cross-cultural content are explored by students as they learn about themselves and the world around them

for parents

  1. A unique Home-School Communication programme so learning becomes a fun, family friendly process

  2. A Parents’ Booklet in ten languages plus activities, wordlists and song.

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