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Nietzsche, Dante, Edgar Allen Poe, the late Stephen Hawking and many more famous authors will be covered at the King’s & Queen’s Club. We believe that in the hands of curious students; books have the power to change the world for the better. As a result, any school that offers their pupils the chance to join our book club will benefit from a minimum of 350 books being physically donated to their libraries per academic year.

The Speaker is effectively the moderator of the session. He or she helps the students to critically evaluate the book and will touch on the points where students agree or disagree. The main idea of the Speaker being the moderator is to push students to speak and think more in English; the only language students can use is English during the sessions. Another main role of the Speaker is the evaluation of the team as a whole. The idea of students being in the team is to help each other achieve success and learn how to play a contributing role in a team.

Every session is organised between the Speaker and the students at each school. The agenda for each session is sent to students via the King’s & Queen’s Club online platform two weeks prior, for them to prepare the topics in advance. Every pupil has two weeks to read all the resources provided by the book club. After reading, the case questions are then sent to the groups, which they then must prepare in groups before the session takes place. During the session, they discuss the case questions that were set before the session with the Speaker, then the group will agree the next session reading and points to cover. At the end of every session, new sub-groups are created for the new book that will be covered. The students rotate to different groups and the leader of the group is changed constantly to ensure the students have a breadth of teaching exposure as well as different participation roles.

UPDATED The King's & Queen's Club Brochure


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