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When using Macmillan English, Benefits for parents

Macmillan English is the first International English coursebook to be informed by English lessons in native-speaker classrooms. It is designed for second-language learners of English but uses many of the approaches to reading, writing and speaking that underpin the teaching of English to first-language children.

Designed for students who have a high number of contact hours in English, this six-level course recognizes that proficiency in English is an essential part of modern life, and that early exposure to rich and genuine language allows young learners to move confidently towards native-speaker fluency in both oral and written English.

In the early levels, the course does not assume a first-language child’s experience of spoken English or culture. Language structures are introduced and practised to give a firm grounding in grammar, but from the start, the exposure to new language is more extensive than in traditional second-language courses.

As children move up through the course, they experience more first-language teaching methods. At the upper levels children cover the same aspects of English as do first-language learners, though the needs of second-language learners are always taken into account.

Each level of Macmillan English is delivered through eighteen units. Each unit has six lessons requiring a minimum of seven teaching sessions.

Useful advice on practicing English at home. Short activities to revise and recycle what your child is learning in class. Some activities are suitable for parents who do not know English.


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