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Job Description | Bookshop Manager


Under the direction, policies and guidelines of the CEO, Head of Finance and Executive Vice President, Operations and Business Development, this position is responsible for planning and managing all day-to-day operations of the bookstore: purchase, stock, and sell merchandise, Fiction/Non-Fiction and textbooks. Supervise all bookstore staff and provide customer service to students, teachers, staff, parents, random customers and other stakeholders.


Responsible to: Finance Director and Executive Vice President, Operations and Business Development


Liaising with: Relevant staff within marketing department, CPD team, Exams Team, Sales Team, Human Resources and Accounting. Working closely with Publishers: Macmillan Education, Pearson Education, Oxford university press, Cambridge university press and Cengage Learning. On top of that, administrating and coordinating of the physical presence of English Book Education, answering of the enquiries connected with any kinds of books, teacher training, exams, etc.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Administration and control of the textbook operation including purchasing, timely paperwork processing, record keeping and data analysis using the relevant Textbook software.

  2. Direct Bookstore staff in the performance of all day-to-day operations.

  3. Hire and train permanent, temporary and student employees as needed in all phases of operation of the Bookstore.

  4. For important Bookstore events such as Tbilisi Book Festivals, Book Club meetings, coordinate operational aspects which include staff scheduling, daily reconciling of cash on hand, adjusting the store's and venues physical layout and equipment, and ensuring that textbooks and merchandise are appropriately available.

  5. Supervise staff and cashiering functions and provide world class customer service.

  6. Complete or supervise all store opening and closing procedures on a daily basis; effect the daily closeout process of cash registers and prepare daily bank deposits.

  7. As directed by the Head of Finance, EVP, Operations and Business Development and CEO, responsible for all activities related to the school supplies. This includes meeting with vendors, establishing quantities to be ordered, generating purchase orders on the related software, receiving the goods via warehouse, and evaluating price mark-ups and markdowns.

  8. Direct the receiving and stocking or preparing of all incoming and outgoing shipments.

  9. Prepare administrative and operational reports as required.

  10. Be competent in all aspects of the software ‘point-of-sale system’ and the related equipment including cash registers and personal computer and printer applications.

  11. Supervise special bookstore charges, such as financial aid awards or other sponsored course waivers/reimbursements.

  12. Maintain store appearance and cleanliness.

  13. Perform cash register duties as required.

  14. Assist customers.

  15. Other related duties as required.




Staff development


  1. To undertake staff development training session where appropriate.

  2. To arrange and conduct staff training sessions arranged with the internal Business School


Deployment to working as a team:


  1. To ensure that appropriate arrangements for cover are made when absent.

  2. To work as part of a team and to ensure effective working relations.


Quality Assurance:


  1. To ensure the effective operation of quality assurance systems.

  2. To contribute the to the process of the setting of targets within the department and to work towards their achievements.

  3. To assist to the self-assessment process including the writing of a self-assessment report.




  1. To ensure familiarity with the department’s aims and objectives. Also its products and services.

  2. To link with external/internal agencies as appropriate.





  1. Working closely with the Accounting team, warehouse and other related teams, to ensure smooth transitions and sales. 




  1. To fully support aims and objectives of English Book Education

  2. To attend meetings as appropriate. Arrive early on every meeting.

  3. To undertake any other duties set by Executive Vice President, Operations and Business Development.

  4. English Book Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the social commitment internally and externally. You as a head of a department is obliged to share and teach your staff and related people knowledge you have.

  5. You as a team leader is obliged to lead by example.

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