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In these short videos English teachers present new words and put them in context by presenting example sentences used in everyday communication. Students get a chance to contextualize, learn pronunciation and spelling of vocabulary all in 1 minute video that promotes better understanding and memorisation of any new word.


Phrasal verbs are one of the most challenging and essential language components of English however with the series of our video lessons you can easily master any phrasal verb in no time. English in One Minute videos present target phrases, clear definitions and situational examples.


Learning English through movies means taking an adventure and acquiring a language at the same time. In these video lessons, learners get a chance to understand real English and study new words from movie episodes. This motivating approach makes learning fun and productive in a minute.

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If mastering grammar is one of the biggest challenges in learning English our short videos will help you overcome this barrier in just 1 minute. Qualified teachers of “TV school” give an example of using the target grammar topic and engage students to think about the meaning which is followed by the grammar rule. 



Learning slang is crucial for anybody wanting to understand informal language and become a truly fluent speaker of English. In these quick video lessons, teachers present simple, everyday used slangs along with practical examples and dialogues in just 1 minute.


If differentiating British and American English has always been a challenge, our short, easy-to-follow video lessons are all you need to master these two varieties of English in the quickest way.  In English in One Minute videos, a native teacher discusses the key spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation differences.

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