10 Idioms About Books You Should Start Using Today

Book geeks express their love for reading in many ways. Using book idioms can be one of them.

Some of the phrases, like “in someone’s good books,” are associated with positive feelings or actions. However, the word “book” can be also used to describe things in negative light. The example is “to bring someone to book.”

There is probably only one idiom on the list that most people know and use – “don’t judge the book by it’s cover.” What about the other nine? Your knowledge of idioms about books is not a closed book, is it?

Idioms about books - a closed book

a closed book

1. something that you accept has completely ended Example: As far as she is concerned, her marriage is a closed book.

2. something or someone that is very difficult to understand Example: I’m afraid accountancy is a closed book to me.

Idioms about books - an open book

an open book

something or someone that is easy to know about because nothing is kept secret Example: Her life is an open book.