4 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Many entrepreneurs gain their knowledge from books that they have read over the years. Not only do books make an impression, but films also make a significant impression on them sometimes directly impacting and shaping their business philosophy.

The following four films fall into this category, and all entrepreneurs can find something of value to take from them:

1. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

One movie that first comes to mind as a good reference point for entrepreneurs is The Lost Interview of Steve Jobs. It’s a particularly helpful documentary for people who are interested in starting a technology company, but there are also valuable lessons here for all entrepreneurs. The beauty of the documentary is in its simplicity. In fact, it’s a stretch to even call it a documentary; it’s better described as a largely unedited, hour-and-a-half conversation with Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs tends to be a controversial figure, to the point that even mentioning his name provokes strong reactions. However, strip away popular impressions of the man from the quality of what he has to say in this interview. In the film, Jobs talks very candidly, through a blend of personal anecdote and philosophy, about the core things necessary to start and run a successful company. One of the things that is memorable is his ability to focus on product quality and content as the single most important ingredients in a company’s success. While this seems obvious, he has an unusual ability to explain it clearly and in a manner that resonates. The interview also serves as a fascinating character study, having been conducted shortly after Apple fired him as CEO back in the 90’s. He speaks with remarkable candor in the film, making for a highly watchable and engaging documentary.

2. Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Another film that I’d recommend to entrepreneurs is Tucker, which stars Jeff Bridges as Preston Tu