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Big English

Think big! Dream big!

Big English is the most complete package for young learners. It gives your students all they need to learn English and provides everything you need to engage your class and get great results.

Educational pillars

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Ready-made Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons help you to challenge students to be creative, think critically and collaborate. It brings the world into the classroom with up-to-date content that is relevant to student’s lives.

In-built Assessment for Learning (AfL)

AfL help you pinpoint where students need help. It’s a great way to get students more involved in the learning process to become more effective learners.

21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills, embedded throughout the course, help students develop essential skills for life, such as Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Digital Literacy.

Pupil’s book

Activities present key language in context, and include songs, stories, sticker activities, content language and values lessons to help students develop 21st Century Skills. Regular four-page checkpoints focus on Assessment for Learning and allow students to assess their own progress. Each book includes a Young Learner’s Exams preparation section.

Activity book

The Activity Book, with color photographs and illustrations, provides engaging additional practice for each lesson in the Pupil’s Book. Activity Book pages can be used on an interactive white board and in MyEnglishLab.

Teacher’s book

The Teacher’s Book provides step-by- step Lesson Plans, activities and ideas, a game bank, Pupil’s Book and Activity Book audio scripts, Activity Book answer keys, and notes for using the Young Learners’ Exams Practice Materials found in the Pupil’s Book. Assessment for Learning techniques and ideas for developing 21st Century Skills are contained in each Lesson Plan.

Learning doesn’t stop once the bell rings and class is over. The interactive, online activities in MyEnglishLab make practising English fun. Teachers can keep track and parents can get involved.

An online learning tool that perfectly partners Big English for personalised practice and assessment.

The Pearson English Portal connects teachers, learners and world-class resources, enabling you to work together, anytime and anywhere. MyEnglishLab is now accessed via the Portal.


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