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Eichmann and the Holocaust – True Stories&WWII

Hannah Arendt examined the problems and the tendencies in the political life of the twentieth century. Many of which,have already disappeared. However, some remain present, and even more, they’ve become more dangerous.

At the time Hannah Arendt died in 1975, she was known mostly because of the controversy about her paper on the trial of Adolf Eichmann and the phrase “the banality of evil”.

For now, her books have been translated into various languages and her work is widely known all over the world. However, by 1975, she was not considered to be an important political thinker. Recently, during the COVID-19 lockdown, discussions focusing on her ideas overflowed social media.

What caused this emerging interest in her work?

When Arendt wrote about the “darkest times” she didn’t necessarily mean totalitarianism of the past century. Surprisingly, many of her descriptions match the world around us.

Hannah claimed, that even in the worst of times, we can still find some illumination that comes not from theoretical knowledge, but the lives and the work of individuals around us.

In her work “Eichmann and the Holocaust” Arendt does provide such illumination and helps us to gain a critical view on our present political problems.

Hannah thought, that most people at her time, during WWII and simply, in general, do not want to t