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Book of the Week: Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine

Lydia, Christopher, and Natalie Hilliard hate that their parents are in the midst of a divorce. Because their father Daniel is an all-too-often unemployed actor, their mother Miranda gets temporary custody of them.

Desperate to spend more time with his family, Daniel cleverly responds to Miranda’s ad for a housekeeper, disguised as the capable yet eccentric Madame Doubtfire. The kids want to keep their dad, but how far should they go to keep his secret?

Miranda’s three children thoroughly enjoy their huge, overdressed baby sitter/cleaning woman who is actually their father in disguise, and they dread the day when their mother discovers Madame Doubtfire is really her ex-husband.

This highly acclaimed book is now a Motion Picture from 20th Century Fox entitled Mrs. Doubtfire.


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