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Course: Practice of English Language Teaching

Dear teacher,

We are delighted to invite you to our Summer School for Teachers to enhance your knowledge in Practice of English Language Teaching. During this 2-week course, our competent trainer Nino Gviniashvili with more than 10 years’ experience of working in ELT will empower your teaching skills and capabilities.

Course description

Practice of English Language Teaching is an intensive 2-week online teacher development course offering teaching techniques for developing learner’s autonomy, visual literacy and confident communication.

The course includes 30 hours of professional interaction with practical work and presents ways how to use flipped learning model, manage mixed-level classrooms and provide feedback, correction and mistakes. The course offers a total of 6 hours teaching practice time where participants will be teaching their fellows. Practice of English Language Teaching course suggests ways to adapt the course content to your own professional context.

Practice of English Language Teaching course can be completed through the learning platform Zoom.

Why Attend the Course?

  1. Update and enhance your knowledge in ELT;

  2. Learn new techniques and methods;

  3. Get acquainted with modern trends in ELT;

  4. Enhance professional confidence and motivation;

  5. Become more aware of your potential;

  6. Improve your skills and share good practice;

  7. Network with other ELT professionals.

Quick Facts

Trainer – Nino Gviniashvili is a Director of Studies at Unique Learning. She has more than 10 years’ experience of working in ELT. Nino is a CELTA qualified English language teacher who has experience teaching General English as well as ESP and Exam Preparation courses. Along with teaching, she has conducted teacher trainings. Nino Gviniashvili graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili State University, where she was awarded BA in English Philology. She has also Graduated from Ilia State University, Department of Simultaneous Interpretation and is a certified English Language translator/Interpreter. Currently, Nino is doing her MA in Education Administration at Ilia State University.

Register for this course – We hope to see you soon! For more information, please download the course brochure. Contact info: Email: | Tel: 599313289


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