For Secondary teachers looking to develop the four key language skills in the 21st century classroom

Beyond is a new six-level course for teenagers, from A1+ to B2. The course is based on detailed CEFR mapping and helps to prepare students for international exams.

The creative and dynamic approach to topics motivates students to engage with the material, making language learning more meaningful and successful. Two separate video strands (Speaking videos and Moving Picture videos), accompanied by a variety of task types, bring the pages to life and make the new language accessible and motivating for this age group.


Beyond focuses on developing strong linguistic skills, as well as teaching the wider skills and strategies students need to improve as language learners. Beyond develops a comprehensive and practical sub-skills syllabus, equipping students with invaluable skills they can transfer to other areas of their education.


The inclusion of age-appropriate, 21st century life skills introduces a new dimension to language teaching. Wi