Happy birthday, Harry Potter and J.K Rowling

The month of July has a special place in the memory of millennials who grew up with The Boy Who Lived. For it was in July – which is also Harry Potter’s birthday month – that a new, much-awaited adventure would hit the bookstores.

10 Words That J.K. Rowling Invented

Squib (n.): a non-magical person who is born to magical parents

Mudblood (n.): a magical person who is born to non-magical parents

Horcrux (n.): an object infused with a fragment of a person’s soul

Animagus (n.) a witch or wizard who can morph into an animal at will

Dementor (n.): a dark creature that absorbs the happiness of the creatures around them

Pensieve (n.): a magical instrument used to view memories

Quidditch (n.): a sport within the realm of the wizarding world

Apparate (v.): a spell that allows a witch or wizard to teleport from one place to another

Thestral (n.): a mythical horse with a skeletal body and bat-like wings

Lumos (n.): a spell that emits light from a witch or wizard’s wandz