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IB Mthiebi Interview From Teacher


IB Mthiebi Boarding School

About the school

Oriented on the international standards of education, IB MTHIEBI boarding school is one of the progressive private schools in Georgia. Owner of ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate of Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety. A 24-year experienced school offers to the students the comprehensive holistic curricular sets compatible to the different educational systems, teamwork and clubhouse life. The authorized educational programmes of the boarding school meet the educational standards of the leading countries.

IB MTHIEBI is a 4-stage school of the general education: Preliminary school, Elementary school, Middle school and High school with up to 1 250 students, 215 personnel within specific day operating profile from 9:00 till 18:00

Being sustainably modernized high quality authorized curricular programmes are based on the national academic programmes and represents a good mix of the comprehensive programmes of the general education. As to our practical experience our students are desirable attendants for any university where become successful ones.

IB MTHIEBI is an effective approach of a school education, integrated study of the fundamental disciplines, relevant technical equipment, healthy school life-style, medical care over per child, fresh meal, seasonal camps, aesthetic education, participating in the educational and creative events in Georgia and abroad.

The boarding school since its foundation has been placing its functional space on a lease agreement status and always was suffering on limited territory for development. In August of 2008, at the eve of a new curriculum year the boarding school was forced to quit just renovated space due to of settlement of the war conflict refugees in the school. Last three years the school twice changed replacement addresses.

The school bought own school infrastructure in mid 2011, rehabilitated and since last September is being operated in it.

Internationaler Bund, German Union of Social Workers and Youth Education, www: is IB MTHIEBI LLC’ legal co-promoter, that extents additional possibilities to the school and to our students after the school graduation wish to apply the German prestigious colleges and universities. The German counterpartner constantly discuss trends of further development and enhancement of interacting methods in different teaching programmes within our entity, deliver instructors to our school which are specialized in different subjects.

About the teacher

I am Salome Chkheidze, a Quality Manager and Head of English Department at IB Mthiebi Boarding School.  However, when people ask me my profession, I always answer, “I am a teacher”. This is how I define myself. My profession is my hobby and that is why during all 11 years of my teaching experience, I try to discover, invent and make every single lesson better than the previous one. What encourages me? Of course, my students and understanding that education is a step to light. Educating students, seeing their progress year by year and feeling their warm attitude, motivation and desire to achieve more and more success is the best award for me, as for the teacher.  Moreover, I am lucky enough to teach not only my students, but also to lead preparation of curriculum and educational projects for all the students in school, as a Head of English Department and Quality Manager.


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