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Interesting Facts about John Fowles

Our theme of the week is John Fowles. Below are some interesting facts about him.

1. He served as a lieutenant in the Royal Marines for two years, but World War II ended before he could go into combat.

2. He taught English at the University of Poiters and then to Spetsai, a Greek island, where he taught at Anorgyrios College.

Fowles with his family

3. His first published work allowed him to retire with his wife and her daughter to Lyme Regis in Dorset, England.

4. Fowles had a keen interest in natural history, art, gardening, and local history.

Adapted into a film in 1981.

5. In 1966, he envisioned a woman in black Victorian garb standing on a quay and staring out at the sea. The vision recurred, became an obsession, and led eventually to The French Lieutenant’s Woman, a Victorian novel in manner and mores, but contemporary and existential in viewpoint.

6. Not only was he an acclaimed fiction writer but he demonstrated expertise in his nonfiction writing, as well.


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