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Macmillan English

Six-level course combining L1 and L2 language learning methodology

Macmillan English is a 6-level primary course that nurtures non-native learners’ speaking and writing fluency, bringing them on par with native speakers of English in the same age range.

Using participation-based learning such as shared listening and reading exercises, Macmillan English encourages children to work together, which helps build their confidence. Traditional EFL methods are reinforced with phonics and sentence-building activities, giving children who are adapting to English as a second language the tools they need to start mastering it.

Key features

  1. A range of course components, including Language, Practice and Fluency books helps children learn and practise new language in a variety of contexts.

  2. The course is perfect for schools working towards the Cambridge International Programme, and is mapped to the Cambridge English Curriculum.

  3. A range of games and class activities encourage participation and reinforce lesson work, with assets like posters and flashcards making learning more visual and memorable.

  4. The Digital Student’s Book can replace all printed student components, allowing for more interactive, mobile learning.

  5. The Teacher’s Presentation Kit includes digital editions of all coursebooks, as well as interactive audio activities and a Test Resource Pack for fast preparation.

Digital Student’s Book

The Macmillan English Digital Student’s Book provides students with a print-free option of accessing the Student’s Book content and includes all of the interactive activities that the Macmillan English Presentation Kit offers.

Language Book

The Macmillan English Language Book gives pupils the opportunity to work through basic skills such as reading, comprehension, sentence and language building, grammar, listening, phonics, spelling and class writing. Revision pages reinforce material already learnt.

Fluency Book

The Macmillan English Fluency Book helps children to develop natural intonation in speaking English through an exciting adventure story at lower levels, and at higher levels through a radio programme with accompanying writing tasks. A full colour book complete with engaging illustrations and stickers.

Practice Book Pack

The Macmillan English Practice Book contains practice exercises accompanying the Language Book. Activities include grammar exercises, writing tasks and grammar check-up pages to support and reinforce the material being learnt. Packaged with the Practice Book is the Working with Words CD-ROM.

Teacher’s Guide

The Macmillan English Teacher’s Guide contains two pages of notes for each lesson to assist the teacher, supporting the classroom use of the Language Book, Practice Book and Fluency Book. Key aims and targets are clearly identified for each lesson.


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