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Our Story

Our #minibookfairs project launched in 2013, had a tremendous effect on how we operate, think and develop. Since then it has grown in size and importance over the years.

Nowadays over 100 #minibookfairs are conducted every year. Every book sold has a tremendous effect on how students think or learn and even how teachers teach. We believe this leads in changing Georgian educational system for better.

#minibookfair at its best

At our #miniboofair you will meet authors such as: Stephen King, Haruki Murakami, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R Tolkien, and many more.

Even more we always dedicate #minibookfair to an author and we celebrate that author’s work in that particular week.

How to plan for a #minibookfair at your school?

First, things first, talk to us through

  1. Sales Representative

  2. Or email us at:

In your email, please explain what you would like to do with the #minibookfair at your school? Is their any particular author you would like to celebrate and why? Would you like to have a talk/discussion about the author at the end of that week?

In this instance, students learn more about the author and his/hers thinking when writing the books? The feedback which we always have around this is massive. The general knowledge spread around the school is huge.

To conclude, talk to us and we would love to create a special week, the week that would be remembered at your school for your students and for your parents.

Impact on a Society

We always ask ourselves, what impact does this have on the society? The answer is always: ‘Remarkable’

Photos tell the story and inspire the future | First #minibookfair of the academic year | საერთაშორისო ქართული სკოლა IGS


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