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My Day

My Day Fun

A ranking exercise.

  1. Write the list below on the board.

  2. Put the class into groups of four.

  3. Tell them they must decide (and agree) together on the order, 1–8, of what they think are the most interesting activities for May Day celebrations.

  4. They must give their reasons and be prepared to justify them.

a          village May Queen competition

b          decorating a model boat with flowers, then setting it afloat

c           Morris Dancers performing

d          lighting bonfires

e          giving flowers to loved ones

f           dancing around a maypole with ribbons

g          running into the sea

h          wearing flowers in the hair

  1. Give the groups about 10 minutes to decide.

  2. Then put two groups together. They must now argue for their choices and agree as a group of eight.

My Day Celebrations

1          The words in bold are in the wrong places in this passage. Change the order to make sentences about May Day celebrations.

May Day Celebrations

May Day celebrations vary in different places. In a village in Cornwall, England, a model

(1) ribbons is covered with flowers and then sent from the (2) May Day parade into the sea. It’s a lovely custom which attracts lots of spectators.

In a number of English towns and villages, a (3) family is crowned.  A teenage girl is chosen and she will probably wear a (4) maypole and flowers in her hair. She will walk at the front of the (5) beach.

People will also dance around a (6) fire. This is a pole to which (7) evening are attached. The dancers will hold the ribbons and dance around in a (8) boat. This practice is to celebrate youth and springtime.

In Scotland there is an annual (9) tradition festival in the capital of Edinburgh with processions and bonfires. It is also customary for some people to run into the North Sea, late in the (10) circle of 30 April.

In France, (11) May Queen members or loved ones may be presented with a bunch of dog roses or lily of the valley. This (12) white dress started when King Charles was given a flower as a good luck charm.

  1. Make word partnerships with some words associated with May Day.

a            fire                               i           charm

b            annual                          ii          parade

c            May                              iii          flowers

d            good luck                     iv         tradition

e            May Day                      v          Queen

f             bunch of                      vi         festival

My Day Celebrations Key


(1) boat                             (2) beach                       (3) May Queen            (4) white dress

(5) May Day parade          (6) maypole                   (7) ribbons              (8) circle

(9) fire                               (10) evening                  (11) family              (12) tradition

a            fire                   vi         festival

b            annual              iv         tradition

c            May                  v          Queen

d            good luck         i           charm

e            May Day          ii          parade

f             bunch of          iii          flowers

My Day Quiz

Decide with a partner if these statements about May Day are True or False.

a             May Day is synonymous with International Workers Day or Labour Day in a number of countries.

b            In the UK some dancers wear bells and carry handkerchiefs.

c            English celebrations of May Day date back to the 18th Century.

d            In Scotland, the outside of most houses are decorated with flowers.

e            In Germany, people light bonfires.

f             In many English villages, boys run through the streets with cows.

g             In French history, King Charles was given the flower lily of the valley as a lucky charm. Now loved ones may be given small bouquets of this flower.

h            In Rumania, a number of students wear their student caps.

i              In Ireland, May Day is celebrated as the feast of Bealtaine or Mary’s Day.

j              In Scotland, late on the evening of 30 April, people run into the North Sea, sometimes naked.

k             From a seaside village in Cornwall, a ship is covered with flowers and sent into the sea.

l             In the UK, dancers carrying ribbons sometimes dance around a ‘maypole’ in a circle.


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