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Next Move

Bringing the real world into the classroom

Macmillan Next Move is a 7-level primary course that takes children on a journey of discovery across language and culture. Each unit explores a brand new country, giving learners the confidence to put newly learnt language skills to use in real life situations.

Macmillan Next Move is a seven-level course in British English for primary pupils that provides a realistic context for language learning by bringing real aspects of the world into the child’s life, showing that language learnt in the classroom relates to the child’s immediate world and beyond. Through personalisation and comparison, children develop cross-cultural awareness, and integrate new knowledge into their own experience to make language learning truly memorable.

Key features

  1. Visually-rich materials develop literacy skills through critical thinking and the ability to extract messages from images.

  2. The integrated Phonics syllabus improves learners’ reading, pronunciation and spelling skills through fun chants, poems and tongue-twisters.

  3. Clearly signposted competency development activities, teach children valuable 21st century skills: creativity, collaboration, self-awareness and social responsibility.

  4. The students’ DVD provides extra practice and develops learner autonomy at home, supplemented by the Parent’s Guide which supports parents in helping their children understand the target language.

  5. The dynamic Interactive Classroom Pack consists of a page-faithful interactive version of the Pupil’s Book, as well as posters, songs and animated Phonics and Grammar Presentations.

Pupil’s Book Pack

The Pupil’s Book Pack contains the Pupil’s Book and the Pupil’s DVD-ROM. Macmillan Next Move British English takes pupil’s on a journey to different countries around the world in each unit. The highly engaging topics provide cross-cultural knowledge and the DVD-ROM has videos and interactivities for further development of vocabulary and grammar.


Macmillan Next Move British English Workbooks provide substantial support for the Pupil’s Book and enable learners to develop their language skills both in the classroom and at home through homework. The country topics are sustained throughout the Workbook units reinforcing the realistic contexts and cross-cultural experience.

Teacher’s Book Pack

The Teacher’s Book Pack provides step-by-step notes that support the teacher in setting lesson objectives, introducing new target vocabulary and grammar, recycling language and Blended Teaching tips. The Teacher’s Resource Centre can be entered by the accompanying webcode which provides access to a wealth of extra material.

Buy this book at English Book Education Bookshop:

Address: Tbilisi 14 Chavchvavadze Avenue; 92 Vepkhistkaosani Street, 3 m/r Didi Dighomi, Tbilisi, Georgia

Batumi: Brothers Zubalashvili and Baratashvili Street


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