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Online Work

Many teachers think that just because their students are always on the internet, they’ll be happy to do any online work. This is not quite true. Teachers still need to take into account the level of challenge and the content itself. Students have high expectations of what they access online, because they’re used to incredibly engaging and interactive content. Therefore, teachers have to take a number of steps to make sure that online language learning environment motivates their students.

First of all, the content needs to be personalized and contain topics relevant to the students. Next, the environment needs to be stimulating by being challenging. The teachers also have to assess their online work on time, giving their students incentive to complete it. Finally, learners need to be trained to appreciate the value of particular online to achieve their goals.

Source: Thirau, Caroline “Blended Learning myths: busted!” Cambridge University Press, 4 April, 2017, P4


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