Oxford Day Online: Beyond the Classroom

English Book Education is pleased to invite you to another professional development event organised by Oxford University Press.

The online event will answer the following questions:

  1. What is EMI and in what contexts is it used (students, teachers, types and locations of institutions)?

  2. What are global skills and why are they important?

Oxford Day Online will equip participants with practical ideas for brining L1 into an EMI programme and ways of assessing global skills in a regular ELT context.

Date: 27th October. Time: 16:00 (Tbilisi Time)

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16:00-16:10 Introduction 16:10-17:10 Session N1: The Use of L1 in EMI 17:20-18:10 Session N2: Assessing Global Skills 18:10-19:30 Q&A

Session N1. The Use of L1 in EMI

Many people consider that using the students’ first language in the English Medium Instruction (EMI) classroom to be wrong. However, there are many arguments for incorporating it, even if these might at first seem counterintuitive. In this session we will establish what we mean by EMI and its varied context, we will then look at the benefits of using the first language, and see how it can best be incorporated.

Session N2. Assessing Global Skills

For learners to succeed in the 21st century they need to develop a set of global skills which enable them to go beyond what the traditional school subjects can offer. The incorporation of global