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Pearson ELT Training

English Book in Georgia, in partnership with Pearson, is organising a training session for English language teachers on the 24th of March in Tbilisi.

The training will be conducted by Vaughan Jones, co-author of Focus, and Philip Warwick, qualified teacher trainer of Pearson.

The sessions focus on the following topics:

  1. Bring your learning into FOCUS

  2. Let’s get them talking – placing emphasis on production

To book your place, please contact us at │

Tel: 599313289  or  0322001244 (ext. 1006)

Registration starts at 11:00.

Address: N92 Vepkhistkaosani Street, 3 m/d, Didi Dighomi

Pearson ELT Training Agenda

Titles and Abstracts


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