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Preparation Course for the TOEFL IBT Test

Dear teacher,

We are delighted to invite you to our Summer School for Teachers in July to improve test-taking strategies and practice each of the language skills for the TOEFL IBT® Test. In this 1 month course, our qualified trainer Lika Gabadze with the various experiences of conducting exam preparation courses will empower your language skills improve your exam performance.

Course description

The course is designed to prepare students for the TOEFL IBT® Test. It includes 12 lessons focused on covering all the skills and question types found on the TOEFL IBT Test. Participants will learn the format and style of the test, progressively build specific skills in all four areas tested, gain valuable practice, and learn numerous test-taking tips and strategies.

The course is based on the Testbuilder for TOEFL IBT® Test, which is designed to help improve students’ exam performance and increase language competence. Task types familiarize students with the tasks they will face in the exam, further practice and guidance pages build confidence in answering them and an expanded answer key gives clear explanations as to why the given answer is incorrect.

Practice of English Language Teaching course can be completed through the learning platform Zoom.

Why Attend the Course?

  1. To be more confident and fluent in practical English;

  2. To practice each of the language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking;

  3. To practice grammar and vocabulary;

  4. To understand the features and format of the test;

  5. To improve test-taking strategies;

  6. To approach each part of the test with confidence;

  7. To get the specific help and guidance necessary to pass the test;

  8. To learn techniques and tips for passing the test;

  9. To experience a high quality learning and teaching process.

Quick Facts

Trainer – Lika Gabadze has been an English Language teacher at Unique Learning since 2016. She conducts exam preparation courses for the TOEFL IBT® Test, PTE and the Unified National Exam in English Language. Since 2018, Lika has been coordinating scholarship programs in the UK and in the USA, these are: HMC, ASSIST, Harrogate Ladies’ College, Portsmouth College, Bosworth independent College and Kings Education scholarships. In 2020 Lika was awarded the academic degree of Master in British Studies at Ivane Javakhshvili Tbilisi State University. As an Erasmus + Scholar, she also studied MA in Anglo-American Studies at University of Porto.

Register for this course – We hope to see you soon! For more information, please download the course brochure. Contact info: Email: | Tel: 599313289


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