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Special Discount on Summer Teacher Training Course

We would like to announce that due to high demand for Summer Teacher Training Course and partnership with University of Calgary, English Book Education offers all EFL teachers a special discount on the course.

Choose a date and register to attend the training for $100.

Course Dates:

  1. June 17th – June 20th, 2019

  2. June 24th – June 27th, 2019

  3. July 1st – July 4th, 2019

Class Meeting Days/Time: Monday to Thursday, 9:00-11:30, 12:30-15:00

Instructor: Rose Bene, PhD., University of Calgary, Canada

Training Schedule:

Course Description:

This 20-hour teacher training course will aim to equip teachers with some active learning pedagogical tools and strategies that have the potential to enhance their ability to teach English in the classroom.

By participating in this course, English language teachers will gain insights into how active learning design-based processes and balanced assessment practices can be adapted for their English language teaching program. The specific learning intentions associated with this training are listed below. English language teachers will:

  1. Come to appreciate the design-based thinking process as both a methodology and set of mindsets for solving problems of practice in the English language classroom;

  2. Develop an understanding of key educational design processes;

  3. Come to appreciate how balanced assessment techniques can be used to improve student English language learning and teaching practice;

  4. Learn the principles of designing authentic performance tasks and high quality rubrics;

  5. Share ideas with colleagues around best practice and new approaches in the English language classroom such as CLIL.

The training course will include active learning opportunities such as:

  1. Discussions on readings;

  2. Small group interaction, collaborative learning, inquiry and design sessions;

  3. Presentations followed by Q&A’s;

  4. Work periods for completing task assignments and developing assessment tools;

  5. Creative, role-play and case scenario activities.

Please follow the link to register:

Registration Deadline: June 10th

Note for our partner institutions: For registration, please address your English Language Department!

For more details, please contact us:

Mob: 599313289


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