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Teacher’s and Students’ Comments about Young Learner Course


Young Learners Teacher Tsisia Solomnishvili  comment.


The Young Learners study program offered by Unique Learning is an amazing chance for children to gain knowledge of the English language through the material that is perfectly adjusted to their age. All the activities and games that are incorporated within the curriculum make learning a new language fun for children. During the interactive classes students are given an opportunity to develop all four major skills of the language. Besides, an early exposure to the native speakers of English improves their ability to successfully communicate in the English-speaking environment.

Young Learner Students Comments

Anka Vadachkoria : Young Learner.

My Name is Anka Vadachkoria. I am 11 years old. I am in the 6th grade. I have been studying at Unique Learning for 6 years. I love studying here. Here I have good teachers and friends. I like the books that we are studying with. At Unique Learning I have studied many things that I did not know. I like presentations. I really like our classroom too. I also like books that teachers give us to read on holidays.

Nino Gvinepadze: Young Learner

My name is Nini. I have been studying  at Unique Learning for two years. I love being hear, the teachers are good and the lessons are very entertaining. Everybody is very nice at Unique Learning and I have learned a lot during these two years.


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