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Teaching Young Learners Course

Dear teacher,

We are delighted to invite you to our Summer School for Teachers in July to enhance your knowledge in Teaching Young Learners. In this 2-week course our inspirational trainer Nicole Aragona with the diverse experience of teaching young learners will widen your teaching skills and competences.

Teaching Young Learners Course

Teaching Young Learners is an intensive 2-week online teacher development course offering new teaching techniques, effective use of songs, stories, games and online platforms for young learners’ active engagement.

The course includes 30 hours professional interaction with practical work and presents ways how to plan, prepare and deliver engaging and student-centered lessons for improving young learners’ language competence. The course offers a total of 6 hours teaching practice time where participants will be teaching their fellows. Teaching Young Learners course suggests ways to adapt the course content to your own professional context.

Teaching Young Learners course can be completed through the learning platform Zoom.

Why Attend the Course?

  1. Update and enhance your knowledge in teaching young learners;

  2. Learn new techniques and methods;

  3. Get acquainted with modern trends in teaching young learners;

  4. Enhance professional confidence and motivation;

  5. Become more aware of your potential;

  6. Improve your skills and share good practice;

  7. Network with other ELT professionals.

Quick Facts

Trainer – Nicole Aragona taught English to young learners in Kuwait from 2012 until 2019. She was a teacher trainer on STEM teaching methodologies and contributed to the adaptation of American curricula for private schools in Kuwait. She moved to Georgia in 2019. Nicole taught English, at “English Book Education” language school “Unique Learning” and took part in TV School Project.

Register for this course – We hope to see you soon! For more information, please download the course brochure. Contact info: Email: | Tel: 599313289


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