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The Role Of a Teacher in a Blended Learning Classroom

Some think that just because technology plays a key role in ‘blended’ classrooms, teachers are no longer central to the model. This isn’t true. Blended learning does not imply a silent classroom full of students all working individually on their computers while their teacher addresses technical issues. The model combines the best of both worlds, which means that teachers are just as important as computers.

The technology provides access to the online materials, sure, but it’s the teacher who chooses what to do. The technology also marks closed practice activities, but teachers facilitate open activities and assess students’ language use. Teachers also recognize and praise their effort.

In short, teachers shouldn’t feel threatened by technology, but rather see an opportunity to improve their work.

“Blended Learning myths: busted!”, Graham Skerritt. Cambridge University Press, 5 April, 2017, P10


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