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Tips On Better Class Management

The internet offers a lot of possibility for expanding the horizons of teaching. That said, a lot of discussion forums end up being empty of life. How can teachers help nurture interaction?

  1. Set rules for engagement

It’s always a good call to have some basic rules of behavior, “netiquette”, in other words. Here’s a sample.

  1. Respect the opinions and views of other people in the forum.

  2. Use names when you quote someone.

  3. Do not insult anyone in the forum or use rude language.

  4. If you don’t understand something, ask the person to explain it in a different way.

  5. Don’t type in all caps.

  6. If you have a problem with a user, inform a teacher.

2) Use names

Naming participants in your interactions helps them feel included, which is important for communication. If you know that your name is mentioned, you may be inclined to comment.

3) Lead by example and give praise

Make sure to participate in a lot of conversations yourself, setting an example for everyone else. Also, don’t forget to thank students for their contributions! That is great motivation.

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