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TrailBlazers Awards

The Trailblazer Awards have returned for their second year, aiming to showcase publishing professionals in their 20s who have made significant contributions to the industry.

The five winners were announced in early February. They are Anna Russo, sales executive at Hodder Education; Caroline Tatam, platform marketing executive at Cambridge University Press; Claire O’Neill, business affairs manager at Audible’ Zeljka Marosevic, co-publisher at Daunt Books Publishing; and Heather McDais, publisher at 404 INK and Scot Lit Fest.

“The trailblazers nominated for tonight’s award represent the absolute best of [an] appreciation for the old ways, combined with a relentless and imaginative quest for new skills”, said Max Porter in his keynote speech.

The winners boast a series of impressive achievements. Anna Russo took on a new list in the Caribbean. “She showed energy, vision and professionalism in managing bookshop, school and Ministry of Education sales”, said Robert Sulley, group international director at Hodder Education, in his nomination. Caroline Tatam was the top-ranking graduate out of 500 applicants in CUP’s 2012 intake, while Claire O’Neill works at Audible to develop groundbreaking audiobooks. Heather McDaid is the co-founder of literary publisher and magazine 404 ink, and finally Zeljka Marosevic has previously worked for 4th Estate and launched Melville House UK.

Source: “Blazing the publishing trail”, Jasmin Kirkbride, London Show Daily, P.31


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