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What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?

Countries and breakfasts discussed in the video:

United States of America (ამერიკა) – Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and juice

Japan (იაპონია) – White rice, pickled vegetables, Miso soup, and tea

India (ინდოეთში) – Dosa, smabar, chutney, and tea

Germany (გერმანია) – Sausages, hard-boiled eggs, bread roll, and coffee

Vietnam (ვიეტნამის) – Pho and coffee

Brazil (ბრაზილია) – Fruit, toast, ham, and juice

United Kingdom (გაერთიანებული სამეფო) – Sausages, grilled tomatoes, eggs, bacon, and tea

China (ჩინეთი) – Congee, pork bun, and tea

Iran (ირანი) – Naan, jam, butter, and tea

Italy (იტალია) – Bread roll, jam, and coffee

Egypt (ეგვიპტე) – Pita bread, ful medames, and tea

Kenya (კენია) – Uji, fruit, flatbread, and tea

Sweden (შვედეთი) – Bread, cold cuts, cucumber, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and juice

Morocco (მაროკო) – Crepes, jam, butter, olive oil, and tea

Russia (რუსეთი) – Rye bread, porridge, sausage, and tea

Mexico (მექსიკა) – Tortillas, fried eggs, beans, salsa, and coffee

Australia (ავსტრალია) – Corn Flakes cereal, toast, vegemite, and juice


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