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Which Book Would You Read?

Tales from Shakespeare

Author: Charles Lamb, Mary Lamb

ISBN: 9780141321684

Discover Shakespeare’s best-loved plays. These tales are the perfect introduction to Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Charles and Mary Lamb vividly bring to life the power of Hamlet and Othello, the fun of As You Like It and the drama of Pericles. They never lose the feel of his beautiful language and humanity and convey all of his wit and wisdom. These tales are classic literature in their own right.

Price: 15,9 GEL

The Complete Illustrated Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm

Author: Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm

ISBN: 9781853268984

From the land of fantastical castles, vast lakes and deep forests, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected a treasury of fairy tales, full of giants and dwarfs, witches and princesses, magical beasts and cunning children.

From classics such as The Frog Prince and Hansel and Grettel to the delights of Ashputtel or Old Sultan, all hold a timeless magic that has intrigued children for centuries.

Price: 16,5 GEL


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