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Job Description | Sales Representative Bookfairs


Under the direction, policies and guidelines of the CEO, Head of Finance and Executive Vice President, Operations and Business Development, this position is responsible for participating on bookfair events: Tbilisi Book Festival, Tbilisi Book Days, mini-bookfairs at schools and universities and any related events. Participation involves, selling and offering products and services to the customers interested.


Responsible to: Head of Retail


Liaising with: Relevant staff within Retail department, CPD team, Exams Team, Sales Team, Human Resources, Marketing and Accounting.


Main Duties and Responsibilities:


General Summary: Achieves maximum sales profitability, growth and account penetration within an assigned territory (school/university) and/or market segment by effectively selling the company’s products and/or related services.


Core Functions:


  1. Promotes/sells/secures orders from existing and prospective customers through a relationship-based approach;

  2. Execute mini-bookfairs at schools and universities arranged by the Sales Department.

  3. Present products and services to existing/potential customers and assists them in selecting those best suited to their needs;

  4. Represent English Book Education Brand at Schools and Universities, Educational and Book Festivals if needed; 

  5. Reports back to Retail Department the customer problems and complaints;


  1. Identifies advantages and compares organization’s products/services;

  2. Plans and organizes personal sales strategy by maximizing the Return on Time Investment for the territory/School;

  3. Supplies management with oral and written reports on customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities and potential for new products and services;

  4. Participates in trade shows and conventions such as: TBF, Tbilisi Book Days, School Days and Mini-Bookfairs.




Staff development


  1. To undertake staff development training where appropriate.

  2. To participate in training sessions arranged by internal Business School


Quality Assurance:


  1. To maintain highest quality customer service.

  2. Serving a customer is a privilege, as a sales representative, you are obliged to keep customer experience happy.

  3. To assist to the self-assessment process including the writing of a self-assessment report.




  1. To ensure familiarity with the department’s aims and objectives




  1. To contribute to the maintenance of an attractive working environment with the department and bookshop department and support in their related campaigns.




  1. To fully support aims and objectives of English Book Education

  2. To attend meetings as appropriate. Arrive early on every meeting.

  3. To undertake any other duties set by Head of Retail.

  4. English Book Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the social commitment internally and externally. You as a member of Retail department is obliged to share and teach your co-workers and related people knowledge you have.


Required Knowledge:

  1. Communication, minimum sales and customer service skills;

  2. Deep understanding of English or other language Books: Coursebooks, Graded Readers, Fiction, Readers, ELT materials, ELT online resources, Art books, Music Books and different genres;

  3. Good understanding of using Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook;


Required Experience and Education:


  1. Minimum zero to one year of sales, consultant or any related job experience;

  2. BA Diploma minimum in any subject related to Educational Sector, including diploma in Foreign Languages

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