Teaching Ideas for the End of the Year

By Macmillan Education


Infographic: 10 Travel-inspired idioms

It's time to push the boat out as we sail through our list of ten travel-inspired idioms to get your class talking. Read our infographic and see if your students can think of any more idioms related to their travels.


Open Mind Discussion Game

Get your students talking with this downloadable Life Skills Discussion Game and accompanying game cards. A great way to encourage speaking practice in class, the game encourages adult and young adult students to present their opinions, discuss life experiences and communicate with each other on a wide variety of engaging and fun topics.

Download the Discussion Game poster and accompanying prompt cards and question cards below.


Warmers and Coolers

After a quick dose of fun for your classroom? Try some of our recommended fillers to top up 15 minutes at the start or end of a lesson: