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10 Ways Successful People Deal With Stress Differently

A critical trait that separates successful entrepreneurs is the ability to take setback and after setback without any loss of motivation. Rather than being some innate thing we’re born with, this is a skill that can be developed. Here are some helpful ideas that will help you to deal with stress:

  1.  Avoid Hitting Bottom By Reflecting On Death Daily- very important is taking time throughout the day to do what’s important.

  2. Give yourself compelling reasons not to quit .

  3. Trigger a mindset  reset with  a little  help from Youtube.

  4. Plan out your motivation so it’s there when you need it.

  5. Smile to boost your energy. It’s easy.

  6. Smile at the beginning of meetings.

  7. Do multiple 1-Minute Meditations Daily.

  8. Use The WOOP Framework to visualize – which is backed by  15 years of academic research.

  9. Visualize what you’re grateful for now and in the future

  10. Take very deep breaths.


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