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A Positive Learning Experience

A positive learning experience

Teaching methods often change, but it’s always the students who can decide if they had a good learning experience. English teacher and writer Paul Bress recommends a few “dos and don’ts” for teachers.


  1. The lessons should always be connected to the students’ interests. If a lot of them like movies for instance, teachers should try to talk about movies in class. This will make the learning process positive for the students.

  2. Teachers should always allow their students to be creative. Of course, repeating exercises is very important, but it’s equally important to make the children practice their English in real world scenarios.

  3. Teachers should always make sure that the tasks in class aren’t too difficult for their students.

  4. Teachers should always make sure that their syllabus is clear to the students. Otherwise, the students may become confused and uninterested during the year.


  1. Teachers should never get angry at their students. It’s important to try to understand students’ problems instead of yelling at them.

  2. Teachers should never have favorite students. Though some students may seem smarter than others, that doesn’t mean that teachers should always have them respond to questions. Otherwise, the rest of the class will begin to dislike that student.

Bress, Paul. “A Positive Learning Experience” English Teaching Professional, March 2016, 36.


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