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Christmas in the classroom! Ideas that will help you!

Christmas is the time when everyone is happy and full of joy. So, for teachers it’s very important to maintain the Christmas mood in the classroom. How can they achieve this?

Here are some activities that your students must be interested in.

Let’s start with Warm –up: Write on the board   Merry Christmas and see how many words they can link up using the letters, they work in pairs or groups.

Task 1:  Give your students a set of different questions and give specific time to answer them.

  1. Have you ever spent Christmas in a different country? If so, was it very different to how you usually spend Christmas?

  2. How much do you know about what happens at Christmas around the world?

Task 2:  Elicit the information they know about Christmas around the world. Give the countries: Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, United States of America

Task 3: New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever made any new year’s resolutions? In the UK many people make resolutions for the New Year. These are promises they make to themselves. Typical resolutions may be to give up smoking, do more exercise or to read more books. Think about what you would like to promise yourself for the next year. Write three New Year’s resolutions here:



Task 4: Santa Profile

A set of questions are given to students (individually, pairs, groups…). Each student, pair, group answers the questions to form their profile of Santa. They change partners / groups and share the images of Santa they have created.

  1. What does Christmas mean to Santa?

  2. Was Santa a good student at school?

  3. Who are Santa’s neighbors?

  4. How does he remember who wants what for Xmas?

  5. Where does Santa go shopping?

  6. Is Santa an optimist or a pessimist?

  7. What kind of house does Santa live in?

  8. What does Santa do between December 26 and Dec 23?

  9. Does Santa’s sleigh have air-bags or navigation?

  10. How does he get into houses that have no chimneys?

  11. Which country does he like visiting best?

  12. What’s his favourite sport?

  13. Does he ever shave?

  14. Where does Santa go on vacation?

  15. Is Santa good at building snowmen, or having snowball fights?

  16. What’s Santa’s dream?

  17. What does ‘ho-ho-ho’ mean?

  18. How much is Santa’s salary and Does he get any bonuses?

Task 5: What makes What makes Xmas magical for you? Here are some categories- think about food / presents / family / lights / shopping / alcohol / church / no work / no school / other.

Task 6 : Unusual Christmas Presents

If you’ve ever received an unusual gift speak about it or create yourself funny ones.

We wish you the happiest holiday time!

English Book Team


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