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Facts about Football

Football fever has taken over in our lives – at home, outside in the streets and cafes, on web, TV, radio and in everyday casual talks with friends, family members or neighbors.

Almost everyone is involved in the events of FIFA World Cup 2014. But how much do you know about football or the World Cup traditions? Below are some facts that you might find interesting.

  1. USA and Canada are practically the only countries where Football is called Soccer

  2. But where did the name “Soccer” come from? The game was originally called association football. “Soccer” is a corruption of “assoc” which is derived in turn from “association”

  3. European Teams have reached the final of every World Cup except in 1930 and 1950

  4. The highest scoring soccer game ever was 149-0!

  5. Australia achieved the largest victory ever in an international soccer match when they defeated American Samoa 32-0 in 2001

  6. Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho first gained media attention after he scored every goal in a 23-0 game at age 13

  7. Barbados once had to score a goal on themselves in order to win a soccer match!

Are there any other interesting facts, you would like to share with us?


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