Georgian-American High School interview from Teachers


Georgian-American High School

About the school

Georgian-American High School was established in 2003. The founder and the principal of the school is Mamuka Meskhishvili, PhD in Physics-Mathematics.   The education offered by the team of professional teachers at Georgian-American High School is a mix of traditional knowledge and modern educational practices. Our students have been successful both nationally and internationally in different fields and conferences.

The school is equipped with modern computer and science laboratories, library, medical office, feeding section, indoors sports, stage and conference hall.

About the teachers


My name is Salome Khetsuriani. I am 27 years old and I have six years of teaching experience. I have worked in different places teaching young learners as well as adults. I have been teaching English in Georgian-American High School for several years. I am using Macmillan English Books with my students and we are highly satisfied.


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