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Give Me Five!


Give Me Five! is an engaging 6-level primary course with a strong focus on collaboration and 21st century skills. The dynamic and fun content keeps students motivated to reach learning goals and achieve success in external exams.


Donna Shaw

Associate Professor- Department of Journalism and Professional WritingDonna Shaw – After completing her degree in 1988, Donna spent two years teaching English as a second language in Australia. On her return to Europe, she completed the RSA Dip TEFLA at International House, Madrid, before working for International House in San Sebastian, Spain and Coimbra, Portugal. Since 1995, she has been based in Palma de Mallorca, where she enjoys teaching primary children in the state system with The British Council. Donna holds an M.Ed from Manchester University and is a regular speaker at teacher training events around Spain. She has also collaborated with numerous Centros de Educacion de Profesores, and has taught several short courses at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Donna is the co-author of Macmillan’s primary course for Spain Find Out! and is the co-author of Macmillan’s higher level primary course Footprints to English

Joanne Ramsden

Joanne Ramsden studied music at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, graduating in 1988. Tired of studying, she went off to travel the wold. Joanne spent 12 months travelling around Australia and New Zealand playing her flute to get by. Upon returning home she decided that becoming an English teacher would allow her to continue her travels. After a four-week TEFL course at International House Broadstairs, Kent, she set off for Spain to start the rest of her travels. Things don’t always go to plan, as Joanne met her husband within months 13 years and two children later, she still haven’t got any further than Spain in her round-the-world trip. Fortunately, Joanne found she particularly enjoyed teaching English and after starting with adults, moving on to teenagers, then primary aged children, she discovered that the most rewarding area for her was infants.


Content developer of educational materials, with particular expertise in English Language Teaching in Primary and Secondary schools worldwide.



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