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Gold Experience

Gold Experience

The most engaging experience in teaching exams to teens.

Experience – Engage – Excel!

Gold Experience is a fast-paced course that engages and motivates teenagers with

its wide variety of contempoparty topics. Contexts such as the Internet, social media and television are relevant to students’ lives and content-rich

CLIL topics from which your students will learn about the world. Gold Experience is a perfect preparation course for revised 2015 Cambridge for Schools exams.

  1. Motivating, age-appropriate topics

  2. Attractive layout with useful boxes focusing on key language and grammar

  3. Fast-paced, engaging lessons

  4. Interesting CLIL subjects

  5. Switch on sections with 2 types of topic-based video clips – authentic documentaries and podcasts filmed by teens

  6. Useful exam tips on all the skills required for Cambridge exams

  7. Speak up, Listen Up, Write On sections that teach new language in a personalised context

An amazing digital learning experience for teens learning English:

DVD with authentic TV clips and cool Video Podcasts made by teens – all

based on lesson topics, will take learning English and exams preparation to the

next level.

MyEnglishLab for Gold Experience is an extra online component, which provides

grammar, vocabulary, skills practice, tests, video and audio support all linked to

the coursebook. The perfect way for students to practise when and where they

want and instantly get their grades and feedback.

Written specifi cally for Cambridge for Schools, Gold Experience ensures

students get all the support they need to excel in their exams.

Authors: Rose Aravanis, Carolyn Barraclough, Kathryn Alevizos, Suzanne Gaynor, Lynda Edwards, Mary Stephens

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