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Macmillan Education Training | Teresa Doguelli

Macmillan Education Training

English Book in Georgia in partnership with Macmillan Education organised training for English language teachers on the 25th-26th of February.

The training included the following topics: • Reading as a life skill • Mistake Management with Primary Learners: The Ifs, Whys and Ways.

Training was delivered by Teresa Doguelli, one of the most popular trainers in Georgia. Teresa has been a teacher and trainer since 1976, teaching adults, teenagers and children; teachers, teacher trainers, ELT inspectors and parents. She has been a full-time teacher trainer with Macmillan, Southern Europe, since 2012. Teresa was National Teacher Training Project Leader in Georgia and delivered plenty of training sessions organised by English book in Georgia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

For downloading the presentation follow the link below: Presentation Download


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