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One more time we would like to talk about the ‘Rules of the Game’

Rule 1: when we ask you a question you have limited amount of time to think about the answer and transfer it to an answer sheet. You can find your answer sheets on your table and remember, after the time is up only the team captain must lift up the answer. If the captain is late, the answer won’t be acceptable.

Rule 2: if someone from the audience will help the team to get the answer correct, the team will lose the point.

Rule 3: On the answer paper, one answer should be written down, if there are more than one answers the team will be penalized and the answer won’t be accepted for checking.

Rule 4: Every team should discuss the question silently and must not distract the opponent teams otherwise you will be penalized

Rule 5: You are not allowed to talk unless we ask you a question.

Rule 6: if you do not accept the answer provided by us, write it down and talk to us during the break – if you exclaim your opinion during the game you will be penalized with a point.

Rule 7: You cannot speak in Georgian, the only language you can use is English, if you as a team or anyone in the team is caught in speaking in Georgian will be penalized with a point.


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