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Polish Writing Finds Popularity In The West

In a recent interview with Publishing Perspective, Dariusz Jaworski, the director of the Polish Book Institute, shared his views on the emergence of Polish writing in the West.

“Political changes in our country and Poland’s accession to the European Union have resulted in an increased influx of Poles to the UK, allowing them to contribute to the local culture”, he claims. “Polish literature has a grand tradition, emblemized by four Noble prize winners: Sienkiewicz, Reymont, Miłosz and Szymborska…We also have interesting contemporary literature, authors who have won some of the most prestigious literary prizes for fiction, such as Olga Tokarczuk”, he adds.

As for the most exportable genres of Polish literature, Jaroslaw thinks that “nonfiction, science fiction and fantasy, and crime novels have been the most popular.”

Source: “Poland’s Sci-Fi, Nonfiction, and Crime Find Readers in the West”, Jaroslaw Adamowski, Publishing Perspective, Spring 2017, p.7


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