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Quidditch Adjara 2019 Competition

Adjara Intellectual Competitions

We are happy to announce the winner for Adjara ‘Intellectual Competitions’. ‘Pirvelebi’ played a wonderful game and got the first place.

They will be coming for ‘Super Finals’ in Tbilisi.

We would like to share the information about the ‘Book Club’.

About the Book Club

This project is completely student orientated, with the aim of helping them read more and discuss book in English. In other words, help them improve their English language speaking and reading skills.

During an academic year, students will read seven books.

The Kings and Queens Club will be held in individual schools at specific times. The time and date will be discussed prior to the meeting and at the meeting the next meeting will be arranged.

During the meeting the students will be registered on the online platform where they would be able to access all the useful materials, as well as any comments by different schools and students.

Every pupil will have their own online access. On our blog, they will be able to comment and discuss things with their peers. As a result, they will always be able to see the discussion questions submitted by the ‘Speaker’ and the whole reading list.


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