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Theme of the Week: Celebrating Authors of March

This week we celebrate authors of the past and present who had birthdays in the month of March. Check them out below.

Scott Hutchins                  

(March 4, 1974 – Present)

Hutchins is an American novelist and short-story writer. His work has appeared in The New York Times, San Francisco Magazine and Esquire Magazine. His debut novel A Working Theory of Love has been called both “revelatory and exciting” and “ambitious and accomplished.”

Mar 5 - hutchins

Kenneth Grahame         

(March 8, 1859 – July 6, 1932)

Grahame was a Scottish writer, most famous for The Wind in the Willows (1908), one of the classics of children’s literature. It was later adapted into a Disney film.


John Updike

(March 18, 1932 – January 27, 2009)

Updike was an American novelist, poet, short story writer, art critic, and literary critic. His most famous work is his “Rabbit” series, which chronicles the life of the middle-class everyman Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom over the course of several decades, from young adulthood to death.


Anna Sewell

(March 30, 1820 – April 25, 1878)

Sewell was an English novelist, best known as the author of the classic novel Black Beauty.


John Fowles

(March 31, 1926 – November 5, 2005)

Fowles was an English novelist of international stature, critically positioned between modernism and postmodernism.



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