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Which Book Would You Read?

In honor of our celebration of William Shakespeare this week!


Author: William Shakespeare

ISBN: 9780140623475

Promised a golden future as ruler of Scotland by three sinister witches, Macbeth murders the king to ensure his ambitions come true. But he soon learns the meaning of terror – killing once, he must kill again and again, and the dead return to haunt him. A story of war, witchcraft and bloodshed, Macbeth also depicts the relationship between husbands and wives, and the risks they are prepared to take to achieve their desires.

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Much Ado About Nothing

Author: William Shakespeare

ISBN: 9780141197739

A vivacious woman and a high-spirited man both claim that they are determined never to marry. But when their friends trick them into believing that each harbors secret feelings for the other, they begin to question whether their witty banter and sharp-tongued repartee conceals something deeper. Schemes abound, misunderstandings proliferate and matches are eventually made in this sparkling and irresistible comedy.

Price: 15.90ლBuy the Book


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