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მასწავლებლის ბიო


Daryl Fernandez

University of Toronto, Canada

Daryl came to Georgia in 2012 with the project ‘Teach and Learn with Georgia’. From 2012 to 2015 he taught English at Zanati public school, Abasha region. In 2015 he moved to Kutaisi to teach English at public school 10 for a year. At this time, he fell in love with Georgian culture, language, its history and he learned the language.  The time he spent in Georgia can be divided into two periods: First, teaching English with the project “Teach and Learn with Georgia” and second, teaching English in Tbilisi at “English Book Education” language school “Unique Learning “. Daryl thinks that televised lessons will play a big role in furthering the Education of Georgian students.


Alexander Baramidze-Sitwell

University of Durham, United Kingdom

Alexander was born in London, England. His big interest in literature arose while he was studying at Christ’s Hospital, a boarding school in Great Britain. Alexander shares the idea that the knowledge of literature enriches a person’s creative skill and gives him more life experience. Since he moved to Georgia, he has been teaching English at  “English Book Education” language school “Unique Learning “in Tbilisi, besides this, he has been travelling across the country and conducting “book club” sessions in both public and private schools to inspire a love of reading and literature  in his students. Alexander thinks that this joint project between the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia and Georgian TV Channel 2 will give the opportunity to students to see the importance of literature in the 21st century and pick up a love of reading. 


Nicole Aragona

University of Florida, USA, TESOL certified teacher of English

Nicole taught English to young learners in Kuwait from 2012 until 2019. She was a teacher trainer on STEM teaching methodologies and contributed to the adaptation of American curricula for private schools in Kuwait. She moved to Georgia in June 2019. Since moving to Georgia, Nicole has been teaching English, at  “English Book Education” language school “Unique Learning “in Tbilisi. Nicole is very excited to contribute to the Georgian educational system and she hopes that televised lessons will positively influence the development of the students in a large way.


Amanda Aragona Mitchell

Florida Atlantic University,USA

Amanda worked with young adults in implementing and developing of the extracurricular activities in theatre from 2014 to 2019. She arrived in Georgia in January 2020. Currently she teaches English at “English Book Education” language school “Unique Learning” and is learning Georgian herself. She is excited to use her theater background to bring English language lessons to Georgian students. Amanda hopes that televised lessons will play a great role to improve the quality of Georgian distance education.


Johns Hopkins University,USA

Samantha moved to Georgia in September 2018 and joined the programme “Teach and Learn with Georgia”, Ministry of Education and Science. , and though she only planned to stay for one year, her heart was captured by Georgia and its people, so she extended her time in this wonderful country by another year. In her first year from 2018-2019, Samantha taught English at Matani Public School #1 in the Kakheti region. Now in her second year with “Teach and Learn with Georgia,” she teaches at Public School #150 in Tbilisi. She also currently teaches at “English Book Education” language centre “Unique Learning Centre” in Tbilisi. Samantha is excited to participate in the TV School project, which she thinks will greatly benefit Georgian students across the nation. 

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