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Eteri Berishvili

Young Learners

Eteri Berishvili is an English language teacher with a huge experience of working with different age groups. Since 1997 up to present she has been actively involved in teaching-methodical activities. Eteri also linked her pedagogical activities to television teaching practice. She has been awarded with the title of Senior Teacher and Trainer. Eteri teaches young learners in TV School Project.

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Helen Shengelia

General English A1+

Helen Shengelia is a CELTA certified teacher.  She has been teaching English for 6 years now. Helen works at Unique Learning teaching different levels and age groups. Currently she is a participant of TV School project and teaches General English A1+ level.

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Joseph Carter Becerra


Originally from the United States of America, Joseph Carter Becerra has spent the last several years living and teaching abroad. He taught for two years in Ulsan, South Korea, working with kindergarteners and elementary school children. After his time in Korea, Carter moved on to Vietnam to teach middle school and high school. He has also worked as a tutor for businessmen and doctors in countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. After moving to Georgia, Carter worked as a co-teacher.


Maka Gatenadze

Book Club 

Maka Gatenadze has been an English language teacher for more than nine years. She has been teaching different age groups. Maka is currently working on the Book Club episodes of TV School project. She finds this project very interesting and engaging.


Amanda Lundgren

Young Learners

Amanda Lundgren is from Monterey, California. After graduating college from the University of Illinois, she started on a career path with non-profits in urban education which eventually led to a selection into the U.S. Peace Corps assigned to Georgia. Amanda spent the past two years working in Imereti supporting Georgian schools and teachers. She resides in Tbilisi now, happy to still support the Georgian education system.   


Lika Petriashvili

General English A2

Lika Petriashvili is a CELTA certified teacher with the experience of teaching English to different levels and age groups. She also worked on differentc educational projects in different years.

Lika is currently working at Unique Learning and participating in TV school project as a teacher of General English A2 level.

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Tamar Maghalashvili


Tamar Maghalashvili is an English language teacher with a huge experience of teaching General English and English for Specific Purposes to different age groups.

During her career, Tamar did lots of courses and acquired international certificates in teaching English. She aims to provide her students with as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible in order to engage, motivate, and prepare them for the future.


Michael Bell

Young Learners

Michael is from the United Kingdom. He started several successful companies in his twenties and then travelled the world for 10 years, where he developed his passion for learning languages and teaching English. He decided he liked Georgia so much that he now lives in Tbilisi, where he works as an English teacher and a children’s TV presenter.


Zachary Milane Erickson

General English A1+/A2/B1

Zachary Milane Erickson is from Portland, Oregon, USA. Before Georgia he taught elementary school children. He moved to Georgia in September 2019 to teach English in the town of Sartichala. Zack has a passion for teaching English and related subjects. He participates in TV School project with pleasure and thinks that it is a fantastic and innovative idea.


Sopio Zhgenti


Sopio Zhgenti has an extensive experience in teaching English at all levels and age groups. She received CELTA in 2017 and DELTA modules one and three in 2018. Sopio was awarded Leiden Platinum Scholarship and graduated from Leiden University in 2015 (English Language and Linguistics MA). She has spent three years in Kuwait, teaching ESL at American University of the Middle East.Sopio has a wide experience in creating assessment material as well as teaching material and lesson plans.

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Daryl Fernandez

ESP B1/B2 | Book Club

Daryl came to Georgia in 2012 with the project ‘Teach and Learn with Georgia’. From 2012 to 2015 he taught English at Zanati public school, Abasha region. In 2015 he moved to Kutaisi to teach English at public school 10 for a year.The time he spent in Georgia can be divided into two periods: First, teaching English with the project “Teach and Learn with Georgia” and second, teaching English in Tbilisi at “English Book Education” language school “Unique Learning “. 

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